Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 23 2012, AWESOME night!
 Jayesslee Live In KL 2012! ! ! !
OMG! I met them today!!!
They are so so so pretty and so damn friendly with us!
Good sound effect, nice band and elegant place!
First time met them, I'm so happy!
Always watched them in youtube,
but now they are infront of me!
Three team of special guess were invited and they sang so well

( Super Sweet Couple! ♥)
Live performance and without any mistake,
Sonia and Janice played well and sung perfectly 
They talk to us and so FRIENDLY,
We all kept laugh and scream,hahhaa
Sonia joke with Janice, so cute!
and Sonia's husband came also,
Her husband help her to take photos and played drum,
Awww~ so sweet
Jayesslee sung a lots of songs that they upload on youtube,
they also sung some popular song
Coming home,safe and Sound (hunger games),Kpop songs Goodbye baby by miss A and etc...
OMG! All fans keep scream and clap when they sung 
Encore songs they sang price tag by Jessie J
everyone so sad when the concert end :(
Today thanks to my bro that help me reserved a seat and
thanks to my dad that fetch to the concert.
Last, thanks to Creative Central Organizer that bring the twins back to M'sia,
Truly appreciate it!
It was worth to every cent!
You make my dreams come true! ! !
Hope you bring them back to M'sia again! ! !
Can't wait for JAYESSLEE's mini album! !
JAYESSLEE Thumbs up!!!!!
Stay Tuned!

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 ( VIP Pass)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

huuuuuu~ Semifinal!
same same like last time,
woke up early...
set up our hair...

rehearsal our dance...
but one thing different!
We didn't lost again,hahahah xD
We first time wear so sexy costume and feel so weird 
and lil bit look like...
but this costume very suit with our dance style :)
met some new friends different school
and they are so nice,
teach us some skill and so friendly :)
We dance masquerade by rania and madonna by secret
our intro quite yeng,hiak
I'm so sad that I forget my dance step today,
look so stupid on the stage, T.T
Luckily, we get in into the FINAL!!!!
Lil bit shock when i heard that :/
I think that we can't in because I forgot my steps >.<
So, quite happy that we into the final
and I promise I will do my best in the final and don't do any mistake!!!!
Sorry to my team mate that I can't stay with them until the competition end :(
Let's rock the stage!!! CRAJINESS!!!

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Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Here to wish my lovely daddy and everyone Happy father's Day! Whee!!

(Photos with dad when i'm just a little girl :D)
So sad that just now knew that my dad can't celebrate with us today :(
but will replace tomorrow :D
So, today I went to 1U with my brother for having our lunch
So sienzzzz. . .
Back to house and I feel bored,
so I took some photo randomly and my outfit of the day , hehehe :D
Outfit of the day!
(top : Forever21,single and short pants : Cotton On, bag and CDG rings : SW, Shoe : pasar malam xD)
I edited the photo into 阿宝色,
damn nice, all the trees and leaves change to blue colour,
Thanks to my photographer my bro Shane :D
here's the photo :)
Stay tuned! 

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

June 16, the most improtant day for me, Nicole and Chermaine.
Our first dance competition!
We prepare this competition for a long time and practise hard, although it is not so perfect :/
We woke up 5 o'clock early in the morning,
OMG! Exhausted!
Meet at Nicole's house and together walk to studio, damn far oo. . .
start make up and practise,

shared a mee goreng and milo ice from downstairs mamak, yummmm :D
8a.m walk to my mum's friend house Elain for set up our hair,
Walk again -.-
And we lost again,lol
we keep walked at the same place, bek cek!
but fortunately we found the house and set up our hair.

after that, we were waiting the van coming pick up our supporters,
take 15 minutes++ reached the competition place,
quite nervous when we reached there, OMG!
Waiting for rehearsal,
saw some dance group quite strong >.<
Start competition!

stand by our pose and wait for the music,
OMG! nervous dao wanna pupu jorxD
I dance wrong some steps, gonna cry T.T
haizzzzzzzz. . .
Judge told us is quite good, but we don't think so :/
they said my eye contact quite good,hahha
because I keep see their eyes,hiak! ! !
finish competition and we back to DPC,
relax ourself and it is so damn damn damn tired! ! ! !
Tmr need to go watch cheerleading competition, OMG!
One week non stop dancing. . .
Main point!!
* We're in to the next round!! scream!!!wohoo!
hmm. . .seriously exhausted and I'm gonna go take a nap, bye!
Stay tuned!

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Thanks to our supporters!!