Sunday, December 28, 2014

Obviously you can see I've change my blog template, it's done by my friend Yik Foong.
Planned to do this template for so long but I can't find someone who know to do customise template or good in computer, my previous template it's just a temporary template bought from online and a lot of my friends said it's too simple and quite boring.
So, finally yesterday my friend Yik Foong found the template that similar to what I've told him and he helped me set up everything and edit it. Spent almost 4 hours to finish it and html code is freaking me out!
I'm so so happy with my template and it's also available on mobile responsive now! Thank you so much to Yik Foong!!! YAY!

Short outfit post to end today's post
| Hat, top, denim shorts and accessories from Bangkok (Platinium Fashion Mall) | Bag from Charles & Keith | Boots from H&M |
Hope you enjoy reading! Thank you!