Friday, June 27, 2014

Hello guys! My new travel vlog it's finally doneeeeeee!!!
I've spent almost two days to finished it, actually it's just need to take 2 hours to finish, but my mom's stupid macbook not enough memory already need to help her clear out everything only can save my video D:
Next post will be part 1 of my Europe trip, stay tuned!
Hope you guys enjoy watching it! Anddddd don't forget to subscribe my youtube channel!!! love youu!


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

HELLO EVERYONE!! I'm back from my europe trip! It's so awesome there! Can't wait to share with you guys all the beautiful photos I've took!
Today I will blog a preview first because I've took too much of photo and video #girlsbeinggirls, I need to load it to my computer and choose some nice one so I need a lil bit of time paisehh hehe

I collage my photos together because it's too much so you all no need to scroll for so long, all photos below is took by iphone 5 camera and also edited by iphone built in effect!
Will blog about my Europe trip one by one, total is 6 country but some I will separate it to two.
Anddddd!! New travel vlog it's coming soon!!!!! Stay tuned!! Today super short post hope you enjoy reading it!

 Switzerland & Germany

Amsterdam - Rhineland - Cologne  

Amsterdam & Holland Village