Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hi guys! I'm at Singapore right now! Everything already settle down and I really miss home now :(
I miss everything at Malaysia, and a lot!But it's my choice to come here for my study, I didn't regret. :')
I'm staying at a home stay and I rent a room from the owner it's quite big and clean, will blog about my room soon, so stay tuned!

Study abroad it's not that easy, you will feel lonely sometimes and everything you have to settle yourself, nobody can help you.
Singapore weather it's so hot and sunny here, I almost sweat everyday D: I can't live without sunglasses and umbrella's really HOT!!
I really miss my car, because now I've to walk almost 15 mins to reach MRT station under a hot sun with a heavy bag then take MRT to the nearest MRT station to my school anddd walk 10 mins to reach my school (LASALLE) OMGGG I can feel my leg muscles now LOLLL...But actually it's good for me, because I don't do exercise often HAHA
 so farrrrrrrr
sweat like hell everyday D:
I bought this hot pink card holder for my MRT card. Then I saw this hello kitty card holder and I was like "what?! I shouldn't but the hot pink one first!", but I don't care I just want to buy it because I'm hello kitty fans! HAHAHAHA
So, I change the MRT card to the hello kitty one and put my student pass and some member card to the hot pink one! I didn't waste it,okay? :D
bought from Bugis Junction

Attended International students orientation yesterday, it's so fun. Make a lot of new friends came from different country(ex: Korea, India, Indonesia, London, Dubai and more), it's nice to meet them!

Lasalle Volunteers! Thank you for helping us!
 while we're waiting for the orientation starts, LET TAKE A SELFIE!
QIQI, Yara, Wuen Ling, Andrea
 JB new friend, Wuen Ling

Today morning went to collage orientation again and I met another new friends
and they also take the same course as mine, fashion students! yay :D

School will starts from August 4, I'm so excited and also a lil bit stress, because I heard from some friend said the level it's quite high and sleepless night oh noooo...:(
The next few day will be holiday so I will blog more, before I end this post I would like to thank you everyone who wish me good luck from FB, twitter, instagram or even whatsapp! I will bring out my best and study hard! Will make you all proud!
Especially thanks to my girls Nicole, Chermaine and Vivian purposely went to airport to send me off, once again thank you so much!!! Miss you guys!


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Today I'm not going to continue europe trip first, as I guess some of you guys may get bored reading it, so it's finally outfit post! TADAHHH!
 Actually yesterday I had no mood to do photoshoot since I did my passport ID photo yesterday with some makeup, so I done a quick photoshoot with my maid LOLLL... 

I match a simple white collar shirt with a short jeans and also my NEW SANDALSSSS!
Want to show you guys my new sandals and my current favourite outfit that I will wear it to shopping or anywhere.
I got my new gladiator sandals from London (New Look). High-knee gladiator sandals it's 2014 summer style trend! You must get one pair also!
I know some girls will worry about their height by wearing this kind of'll think that only those models or tall people can carry it or worry their legs will look fat after wearing it . I'm worry about this problemas well when while I bought it,but don't worry!
I don't have model's perfect height and skinny legs, but if you know how to choose the length of the shoes for you height, you'll look perfect!
I choose the medium height gladiator sandals, because my height doesn't match with the high-knee sandals.
If you choosing the high-knee sandals but you don't have the height and skinny legs, you will look short and fat, so please don't do that!
when you match or buy anythings, don't blindly follow the trends but match with your own body figure.
Height is not a problem, you also can be stylish! :)

Wearing : | Top from Padini | Short from Forever 21 | Blue-green shades from London (Primark) | Bag from Korea | Gladiator sandals from London (New Look) | Watch from Daniel Wellington |

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Went to Titlis mountain at the next day, Titlis mountain is one of the famous snow mountain at Switzerland.
I'm so so excited because it's my first time seeing and touching the REAL SNOWWWW!!!!
The view from the top of the mountain it's magnificent!!! OMG
Our tour guide inform us to bring a thick jacket there, actually it's not that cold if you're not touching the snow but it's so sunny on top the mountain and I still keep playing the snow like a crazy girl there then after that my face sun burned HAAHAHAHA
When I reached the top of the mountain I feel like want to singing "Let it go~ Let it go~" HAHAAH  throwing the snow and playing snow angel, it's so funnnnnn!!!!!

After that, we went for a walking tour and explore Lucerne's old town and shop for swiss watches and chocolate.
A lot of branded and expensive watches there, but the price is buy so we just window shopping there and spend our time having tea time and also taking pictures when we're waiting for our tour member  

Enjoy our dinner in a beautiful swiss restaurant, tried there signature cheese fondue,
actually the cheese it's taste quite sour and a little bit bitter for me, but if you going switzerland you also must to try it,maybe you will like it! :)

To be continue...
Stay tuned, enjoy reading!

Photographed by Dad & myself

Mummy so cute HAHA

Lion Monument