Monday, August 27, 2012

Hey, peeps!
So, how was your's holiday? travel? watched tv at home? or etc?
I'm so bored in this week holiday, no going anywhere, just stayed at home watched tv whole day,
and shopping, so jealous some of my friend got to travel to others country :((((
Nothing to post this week holiday because didn't go anywhere special,
so, I'm going to post some outfit picha this time, yay!

ADIDAS! Love this casual outfit so much! :)

High - Low design, love it, whee :))

Galaxy transparent top from TS, and DIY Galaxy nail art! 

Blue blazer and square pattern short from kitschen! :D

Love this Blue Blazer so much!!!! ♥.

Walked with this high heels for 5 hours, gawd! 

Vintage floral with metal collar shirt  

That's it! A simple post for this whole super BORED holiday! :))

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yesterday was just like a dream. . .
Went to school as usual,
Brother brought me with his friend to Ikano for lunch,
after that back home for a bath. . .
when I opened my room,
and I saw a lots of ppl in my room and I get shock!
Saw my primary friends and secondary friends standing beside!
OMGAWDD!! I was just stund at there and My room was so beautiful! ! ! ! ! ! !

Decorated with pink balloons! ! !
I love it so much! !
Last time Nicole's b'day we also decorated like this but I never thought would happen on me!
I knew the balloons quite expensive, so thank you for this!
Play games and having BBQ at the side of swimming pool nearby my house. . .

some of them swam in the pool and some playing basketball. . .
after this, we back to my house for a rest,
Me and Nicole sang song and played FB in my room,
suddenly someone off the light and I just got shocked again!
Saw the cake infront of me and everyone was singing birthday song for me. . .
Soooooo gamdong! ! ! T.T

Woei Shin my friend so cham, they put the chocolate cake on his face,
look like indian, hahahaha!
I got three times of shocked!
1st, when I opened my room
2nd, Nicole and Chermaine in my room( because Vivian bluff me they didn't came)
3rd, the birthday cake. . .
Today was so tired for everyone who helped me preparde this suprise party,
I really appreciate it and thank you so muchhh! ! !
Actually I was so sad that you all didn't celebrated b'day with me last monday,
but yesterday you all gave me this suprise party I was so happy! ! !
Thanks to all of you! ! ! ! Especially my bro and Vivian Onn!!
And Thanks to Bro,Marcus and Alan Wong(Bro's friends) helped us to set the BBQ :)

Thank you for the birthday present!! I love it so much!
Once again, Thank you everyone! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Kamsahamida! Terima Kasih! Dojiesai!
Stay tuned!

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 Mr. Woei Shin kena aluba! hahaahah xD
 Doucle Dare: Pumping
 Double Dare!
 Double Dare: Take picture with girls! hahaahaha!Woah!
 Double Dare: Hug my bro! OMG! so gay leh! :P
 Double Dare: Hug secuity guard!
 Like a boss :D

 浮尸?? hahaha

 King Chew, Me and Jiun Yee

 Me, Ning Xin, Chermaine and Jiun Yee
 Taking picture with our super star Danny Edward when he playing tetris, puahahaah

 CJN again!!
 (Jing Chuan)
 (Wong Quan)
 (Oscar Panda)

 (Ning Xin)
 (King Chew)
 Erm..your hand :/

 Sweet Sixteen!