Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hurray!! Finally I've finished my exam today!!!! Ulalala!
I can sleep earlier today and no need face to those book and notes, muahahaa!
After finished exam, and the time is just 11.30 morning,
we went to Laoyat for accompany a friend (Maggi) to buy her phone case,
and we went to sing k at Redbox. . .
6 of us having a great time at there,
sing and dance like a boss,hahahaha! !
we also having our dinner there, their fried rice quite nice :)
I already knew that today we're going celebrate Yuen Chuen's birthday,
so when they sang birthday song and I followed them,
but they just stopped me and say today they going celebrate birthday for me too,
I'm just stund at there for a few second, omgawd :/
They prepared 6 small cheese cake for me and Yuen Chuen,
So nice and delicious, yummm :P
Thanks to u girls that helped me celebrate birthday,
the cakes and present, I really really appreciated it!
Especially thanks to Lai Foon and Kai Yu that rushed to Pavilion buying our present and cake!
(Thanks who paid money for the present)
Although today is not my real birthday but I still very happy with it!
Again, thanks a lot!Kamsahamida, Terima Kasih, 谢谢, Aligato!!
Stay Tuned!

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Birthday cake :)

Two birthday girl
Li Huan 

 With the Love

 I think I won't eat this spoon design chocolate :D

 With ze Present! 
 Thank you! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yo! Finally I'm free to update my blog :P
I'm having exam this week so I'm busying study and no time to update. . .
So stress in this week's exam, omgawd !
Many things need to recognize, my brain going out of memory :(
Need to study more two days for exam, faint @.@
Today no school so I've time to update my blog :D

Having lunch with my sista Vivian @ DPC Italian restaurant Lacasa today
Ordered Fish n Chips for our lunch and a cup of Latte, quite nice, ngom ngom. . .
having our lunch, girls talk, nice view. . .
so relax,lolss
after having lunch we walked to the new park at DPC near Zenia
So damn big and beautiful,
I love the stairs so much!
So happy that have a great day with her 
So, here's my post for today and I'll be back soon!
Hmm. . .have to study for my exam now
Stay tuned, bye!

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 Ngom ngom

 wah, thanks for service :P

 Nerd face, hahaha

 Yam xiu, hahahha

 Malaysia top model,hiak

Weird face O.o