Sunday, March 31, 2013

Aloha readers~! It's last day of holiday, feel sad and happy, happy because my lifeless mood is gone, sad is because I can't sleep late and wake up late anymore :(
Almost this holiday I no chance to wake up late, everyday also need to wake up early because of undang test,create my new IC and etc-.-
Hahaha fail my undang test for two times, I know I'm stupid :/
but luckily I pass the third time 45/50 BAHAAHAH
after I knew my undang test result fail my mind straight think of my mum, because she sure will laugh at me lolll... before I going to the test I still told my mum I may get full mark lolll
at the end I fail two times wtf -.-
and now gonna wait holiday and attend the amari class for 5 hours (bored until die) then wait after my birthday learn how to drive manual car, still need to wait for almost 4 months -.-
Hope I can drive as soon as possible, because it's very mafan lah, need to ask ppl to fetch here and fetch there, sometimes still need to wait or take taxi (damn dangerous and I also need to deceive my parents that Chermaine or Nicole's parents fetch me wtf-.-), faster!!!
Waiting for june because my bro is coming back home! oh yeahhh! Someone can fetch me always because he is too free :D

Today is another shoot that I took during chinese new year,
photograph by my dad 
Found this place when my dad took me to eat ice kacang, I love street art so F**kin much so I choose this place for this style shoot background, it's quite suit :D
actually beside this wall still got a door can go inside but when I saw the door there wrote "kalau rasa tak bagus cepat keluar" (translate: if you not feeling well after you go in please come out)
I shocked and a lil bit felt scare lah then I didn't go in photoshoot haih
I just shoot at outside but still nice, heheheh
Thanks to my dad that helped me to take this gorgeous photo and found this cool background for me:)
(wearing: top from SW, shorts from Thailand, spectacle from SW, studed bag from kenaga wholesale mall, bracelet from F21, america head piece from Sunway Piramid 6th floor, wedges from Vincci)
(Style: vintage, rocker, swag, cool)

my dad bought my an McD ice cream cone :D

Shoot for the next outfit post now bye!
Hope you all enjoy :D

Enjoy and stay tuned!
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thankiew :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hello readers! I promised that this time I will blog longer, so here is it!
I received a call from nuffnang last few days, they invited me to attend Sharp bloggers event,
When I end the call I was like scream at my house and keep jump here and jump there, and my mum tot what happen to me lolllll! It's my first blogger event!!
And yesterday I skip school because I wanted to attend the event at Midvalley Blu Med restaurant, I know right I'm a bad student HAHAAH! 
I asked Jessica(a blogger) it's nuffnang invite her also, then she replied me 'yes', I was like omg luckily got some one can accompany me attend this event if not I'll be alone :/
So yesterday I met up with Jessica about 2pm, I saw her in the real person, she is so pretty OMG, so skinny (jealous) :D, we chit-chat together, talk about blogging, future and etc lah, and I have to congratz her once again because she get straight A's in her SPM, super clever girl,thumbs up! (y)
Chit-chat until 2.30pm we walk to Blu Med restaurant together and start registration,
when we walk in the restaurant I got a lil bit get shocked because this event is just for invited bloggers and churp churp winner only, woahh feel like we're VIP like that hahhahah
Some bloggers already reached there early and I saw Cheesie and bobo, OMG! We so shy to say hi to them because they're very famous lolll...
We sit down and the waiter serve some drink for us and met up some new bloggers while we're waiting for the event start.

the event start lately, then the nuffnang emcee invited a SHARP's representative to introduce their new product Plasmascluster Ion Generator for us. He is so friendly and explain their product clearly to us and he keep on saying "I know this is boring" hahahhaha
Because this product have to us a lot of scientific or chemistry to explain it, feel like a science class, lolllll
But he explained so well and let us know more about their product :)

before and after using Plasmascluster Ion Generator's hair dryer 

Plasmascluster Ion Generator is a machine that can brings out water H2O to the air and can moisture our skin and good for our health, this is just a summary I explain for you guys that I know from the event hahahha

They gave every bloggers and winners a goodies bag also and when I check it out what is inside the bag, I get shocked again lollll because they free us a Mini Plasmascluster Ion Generator (it costs about RM500 OMG!)and mine is Hot Pink OMG!!!Thanks SHARP! I can bring it every where and also can put it infront me when I'm blogging, hehehe( I'm using now :D)

selca with and Mini Plasmascluster Ion Generator

when event start, everyone is busying taking picture by using their pro camera, and me using a sony digital camera :(
I think I need to save money and buy a new one soon :)

Then, Number76 style's hairstylist Steve showing us to make our hair healtier and shinny by using Plasmascluster Ion Generator's hair dryer 

They also serve some food for us, so damn delicious, Jessica and me keep on eat hahahah,ngom ngom
Chit-chat with all the bloggers and have fun with them, So happy to know them :D

with Jessica 

 This small tarts so delicious 

 Michelle, Fashion blogger. OMG she is so pretty and friendly talk with us and take photo with us, she looks like foreign, love her so much. 
 Shah (nuffnang)
Bobostephanie, same short hair :D 
I join their design competition and I get a bigger Plasmascluster Ion Generator HAHAHAHAH
actually they said only the winner can get it but at the end they announced everyone who compete can get it, Imma happy girl yeahhhhh :D

No idea what i'm drawing :/

Unfortunately Jessica have to back home earlier, I can chat more with her haizzz
but nvm la will meet up soon :D
Now I'm starting miss them and yesterday already :(
Thanks to Nuffnang for the invite and also thanks to SHARP for giving us such a great product and bring us a healtier life :D
For the last, It's OOTD time :)
Dress code: red

Hope you all enjoy :D

Enjoy and stay tuned!
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Finally, exam is over!! And finally I'm free it's time to update my blog now :D
First, I've to apologize to my reader because of lacking update :(
A quick outfit post for today,
took this photo during chinese new year holiday, actually this is my CNY outfit lah, but I've no enuf time to blog it and less take photo during CNY :/
It's a vintage style I bought from Bangkok, whole set just only RM 45 , heik heik 
Love this outfit a lot because it's quite simple and nice, love the print on the cut in top also :D
So, that's it for today just a super short update lah, will blog another outfit post for the next and I promise I will blog it as long as I can :D
Photograph by Dad
(wearing: top and skirt from bangkok, clear clutch from her_wishlist)
Hope you all enjoy :D

Enjoy and stay tuned!
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thankiew :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

0306! It's a big day for someone that super important for me, my only one dearest brother, SHANE!
I've apologize to him because I didn't wish him on 12a.m, sorry :(
Hey bro, long time no see and chat with you, actually got a little bit miss you la, LITTLE BIT arrr, don't so zi lian, lollll
Haizzzz, after you go London no one fetch me already, especially puffy and chinchilla most miss you, no one play with them and sing song for them so kelian,
faster comeback laaaaaa!! :(

First, here to wish you Happy 20th Birthday!!! So old leh, hahahahahha
Wish you and your gf stay sweet ♥ always and get many A's in your study :D
I know at london study is quite stress lah, so don't make yourself so stress just try your best :)
Don't so miss us, especially me BAHAHAH I know you very boring la, nobody give you scold and accompany you play games, nvm lahhh if you miss me remember go and see my pretty photo lahhh hahahhahaa ( erm, I know I'm very zilian hahah)
Find one day want to chat with you and listen your 人生大道理 hahahahah (y)
Oh yahhhh! Remember to cut your hair so long, I think gonna long then me lerrr :/
Don't so lanc after you back malaysia ar I tell you, don't keep correct my broken english HAHHAAHA and PLEASE don't speak english with me xD
Just a quick wishes for you hope you will like it lah, bye bye!!
Our memories :
(p/s: sorry for posting up your ugly photo hahahahah)