Friday, September 27, 2013

Hey guys! Finally my SPM Trial is end! I'm free to blog now, hurray!
Today I'm gonna introduce you guys an awesome online boutique LeBeautyBoutique and give some simple styling tips.
Le Beautybouqtique is an online shop that selling fashionable items with reasonable price!
They are having giveaway now! left one day, hurry up! Check out their shop for more info (
And also, Quote : Lovejoant To get RM5 rebate on your orders! If 3 pieces and above, get RM10 off the total bill! Follow @lebeautyboutiquee on instagram and share any of their pictures to get a further RM3 off !
Faster grab your favourite item now!
I got a cap and a floral jacket from them, so now I'm gonna show you guys how I style it!
If you have a bright colour item you can choose to match it with more plain and dark colour pieces,
remember don't match with many colourful item together, it will look like clown HAHAAH
Just my own styling tips to share with you guys! I can't wait to show you guys my outfit!
Taken by my mum
Two different outfit for today, hope you guys like it!
so let the photo do the talk!

Wearing : | Basic from Cotton On | Shoes from Agape Boutique | Socks from Top Shop | Floral jacket from LebeautyBoutique | Bracelet from Top Shop | Sunglasses from Diva | Cap from LebeautyBoutique |

Wearing : | Tiger single top from Top Shop London | Leather short from Lasimone | Bag from Belowfifty |

Enjoy and stay tuned!
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thankiew :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hey guys, today I'm gonna blog about my outfit of my birthday, it's a short post because I forgot to post it at my previous post so now I replace it :)
Elegant and lovely outfit, try to put on some different style because I always wear more swag and casual style, my mum always ask me to wear more girly, all those chiffon like angel that type LOLLLL
Love the sleeve so much, my current favourite! Addicted to shoulder off top because can show out our collarbone, look more skinny :)
If you want to have a FAKE long legs you can put on a pair of flesh colour (almost same with your skin colour) heels or wedges!
Okay, I've to go now, off to study! Bo bye!
| wearing: shoulder off top from SW 6th floor | Pinky chiffon A cut skirt from Bangkok | See through clutch from Her_wishlist | Wedges from Jelly Bunny |

Enjoy and stay tuned!
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Sunday, September 8, 2013

hey guys! Long time no see! LOLLLL...
These few weeks I'm busying on my SPM trial paper, everyday keep on study really exhausted now...
Finished two paper 3 subject done and I think 2/3 is failed, because it's really hard for me, especially Malay D:
I decided to blog today because I think next week I have no any little of time to touch my computer.
So, today I'm gonna blog about my 17th birthday celebration, I know it is so late HAHAH about one month ago :D
My birthday celebration have two parts, first part is celebrate with ma pretty blogger girls and second part with my boyfriend hehehe
let start from the first one, Jessica and I decided to hang out together to celebrate our birthday because my birthday is one day earlier than her, so we decided to choose a place that is nice and can allow us to sit down chit-chat, at last we chose Starhill Tea Saloon and having our hi-tea there.
Before we reached starhill we went for shopping at Pavilion and we took a lots of photo outside pavilion, I guess we took almost half an a hour to take OOTD LOLLL !
Having our Hi-tea at starhill and have a great day with them, the hi-tea set is quite nice and we ordered 2 person set it's enough full for us, love the enviroment so much it's a great place to chit-chat with your girlfriends.
Before we started to eat, the first thing have to do is take photo! HAHAHA
I think Baoer's camera is full of memory :DD 
Let the photos do the talk...



 Bunny Jessica

 Babe Baoer

Happy day with them <3 credit by Baoer

Second celebration, on my birthday my school teacher decided to have a extra class on that day, OMG birthday also need to study urghhhh! But it's okay lah because dismiss class early and I'm gonna celebrate my birthday with my boyfriend HEHEH
So, we went to Pavilion Milano to having out lunch at Spasso Milano, their food is quite nice.
No any special ( because my boyfriend is not that romantic type), as usual shopping and watched movie with boyfriend...
But! He give me a little suprised party at night, thank you so much for doing me this, I know you've do your best to give me a perfect birthday party! <3

Cake they bought for me :)
Primary friends and Chermaine

Thanks to everyone who wishes me at instagram and facebook! I really appreciated it! Love you!
And also thanks to my primary school friends Nicole, Vivian and Bryan and also Chermaine who give me a super suprised celebration! <3

Enjoy and stay tuned!
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