Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hi guys!I'm back!It has been long time since my last post! This few weeks it's really really busy, so many homework to do and have to waste long time to finish it. Came to Singapore almost 2 months already, everything is fine. I'll try to blog more if I've free time! :D

Today post is to continue my europe trip I went with my family last few months ago. But it's more different between previous post and today, it's a outfit post!! I skip some of the country because I guess you guys so boring already LOLLL...
SO.....It's PARIS!!!!!!
This series of photos took by my professional dad at a restaurant at Paris. It's my first time went to Paris, I'm really so excited! But so sad I only go there for two days because of tours :(
Unlucky the first day we went there it's raining whole day I didn't have chance to take good shot with the eiffel tower and the tour guide keep rushing us to back to the bus, haih...
I swear I will go there myself next time to take more nice shot!!!!
I guess you all know that Paris is quite dangerous because there is a lot of pickpocket there and it's super professional, so if you going there please take care your belongings :)

Paris = Fashion city, so decided to wear more classy and edgy that day LOLLL
I saw a lot of fashionista there, their outfit it's so niceeeeeeeeeeeee, JEALOUS :/
You can see a lot of branded store there like CHANEL, LV, PRADA, VALENTINO, BALENCIAGA, GIVENCHY and etc.
I'm not rich so I just window shopping there and I was like "woah so nice leh! *telling my dad*, but no money, just forget about it emo" HAAHAHAHA
Imagine if I stay at Paris for one week I think I need to buy like 10 memory card HAAHAHAHA
Today post end here, I have to do my homework now! Hope you guys enjoy reading! BYE!