Sunday, February 23, 2014

Today I'm gonna blog about my new guitar!
I bought this pastel purple acoustic guitar from Waterfront Desa Park City music store, it's just RM250 only
Wanna learn guitar for so long time ady and finally I've chance to learn! I'm very envy those people can sinh while playing guitar, bring their guitar go to everywhere and play anytime
SO, during my chinese new year holiday I went to my uncle house and asked him to teach me guitar because he is so pro at playing guitar and also I no need pay for the learning fees HAHAA
Because I've learn piano before so I've the basic I can catch up fast, I used within two days to learn guitar , because my dad said I can't do it so I've to prove him wrong! I can do it, now I can play guitar! hohohoho so happy!
Finally I can tell my friends I know how to play guitar and can post photo with a guitar without telling people that actually I don't know how to play just use guitar as a prop LOLLLL
I'm a guitarist now! *excited*
And also! I've done a motion video about this series photo, it's not that perfect but it's still look quite okay, and it's shot by my maid! Just for fun!
Hope you guys enjoy reading and watching!
Stay tuned!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hello! Happy Chinese New Year everyone! GONG XI FA CHAI!
Wish you all 青春美丽、笑容常开、身体健康、马立全开!HAHAH
How was your chinese new year? It's fun?
Mine is quite bored, spend most of my time at my grandma house watch tv, nobody want to gambling :/
 Okay, so today I'm going to blog about my oufit during this chinese new year

Day 1: wearing a buster dress in pink that I bought from Singapore bugis street with black velvet wedges from Taiwan
Day 2: White top and black leather backpack from Huiicloset, leather inspired short from Putthison21,boots from Agapeboutique, cap from taiwan
Day 3: White ruffles top from Singapore bugis street, pastel purple skirt from Sungei wang 6th floor
Day 5: Red velvet long sleeve high collar top from Pavilion tokyo street
Day 6: One piece B&W dress from H&M
This is my CNY OOTD!

Enjoy and stay tuned!
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