Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hello! Today will be outfit post, Korea Part 1 trip is on the way, still working on it, stay tuned!
SO, yesterday I did a quick shoot with my girl Vivian at her new place
Love the wall that she hand painted herself and how she decorated the house!

Today will be teaching you guys how to style tulle skirt with different basic tops
I got my beautiful piece of tulle skirt from Bon bon Boutique (http://www.bonbonboutique.com.my)
It's an online shop that offer the best tailored-made tulle skirt, you can customise your own size, length and colour. Currently they have 15 colour of choices for you to pick!
I got mine in Dusty Blue colour with 63cm, the colour it's so nice and elegant!Love it!
This is their shop info you can check it out and customise one for yourself!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BonBonBoutique.KL
Instagram: https://instagram.com/bon_bonboutique/

They are having a meet up at Ipoh, if you're around ipoh feel free to drop by!

I styled it with three different basic top, the reason why I choose basic top to match because i guess everyone will have at least one basic top in your wardrobe, right?
So I decided to style it simple and elegant and I get three of them in sleeveless,
First one is a cut in white crop top i bought from H&M, second piece is grey lace top i got it from bangkok and last one is also a white crop top (different design from the first one) from Topshop.

First look I match the crop top with a bigger necklace to embellish the whole look,
I wanted this look be simple and nice so I just put on a necklace is enough!

Second look, I match the grey lace top with the gorgeous tulle skirt to make it more romantic and girly, the colours of grey and blue matched it perfectly!

Third look, top is almost the same with the first one but the neckline design is slightly different, I've put on a thin necklace and a minimalistic bangle for this look to make it look clean but girly. And also I added an hair accessories I got it from taiwan! 

*Although is the same outfit but you'll look different with different hairstyle, basic or accessories to create different look!*

Let the photos do the talk! Enjoy reading!
And also if you haven't, here is my latest travel vlog to seoul!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hi guys! It's been super long time since I blog HEHEH
Finally finished my first sem and now is summer break for 3 months long, it's time to blog more!
If you followed my on instagram I guess you all know that last week I'm back from Korea,Seoul.
I've a new vlog about my seoul trip, I separated it to few parts because I've took too many video clips ,almost 800 clips HAHAH
The first part of my video will be the first two days in seoul, I will blog more info and details of the place I went and some tips also!
This video took me 6 hours to finish it, hope you guys enjoy watching the video!! 
Stay Tuned for my blog post for more! 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Obviously you can see I've change my blog template, it's done by my friend Yik Foong.
Planned to do this template for so long but I can't find someone who know to do customise template or good in computer, my previous template it's just a temporary template bought from online and a lot of my friends said it's too simple and quite boring.
So, finally yesterday my friend Yik Foong found the template that similar to what I've told him and he helped me set up everything and edit it. Spent almost 4 hours to finish it and html code is freaking me out!
I'm so so happy with my template and it's also available on mobile responsive now! Thank you so much to Yik Foong!!! YAY!

Short outfit post to end today's post
| Hat, top, denim shorts and accessories from Bangkok (Platinium Fashion Mall) | Bag from Charles & Keith | Boots from H&M |
Hope you enjoy reading! Thank you!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hi guys! Sorry for MIA so long, but now i'm finally back!
Busy for my final assessment this few weeks, try to do my best on everything.
I'm so happy because some of my work got chosen by lecturer and will be exhibit at my school LASALLE SINGAPORE next year January open day!! yayyyyyyy! :D
Today is all about my home stay room tour at singapore! I'm so sorry for you guys keep waiting.
All decorated by myself, all the materials I've used is cheap and easy to get. 
Artfriend is one of the art craft shop you can get all of them (except the christmas light)
Here is the information: 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – The Gardens @ Mid Valley City

Third Floor Lot T-213
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603 2284 7777 / Fax: +603 2284 7577 
Opens Daily from 10am to 10pm

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – The Curve @ Mutiara Damansara – NEWLY OPENED!
Second Floor Lot 245B
6 Jalan PJU 7/3
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603 7722 2211 / Fax: +603 7727 2211 
Opens Daily from 10.30am to 9pm

Actually it's one of my school project and I did a short vid of my room so I can use it as my assignment and also for my blog! 
I will update more from now on!Stay Tuned! :D
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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hi guys!I'm back!It has been long time since my last post! This few weeks it's really really busy, so many homework to do and have to waste long time to finish it. Came to Singapore almost 2 months already, everything is fine. I'll try to blog more if I've free time! :D

Today post is to continue my europe trip I went with my family last few months ago. But it's more different between previous post and today, it's a outfit post!! I skip some of the country because I guess you guys so boring already LOLLL...
SO.....It's PARIS!!!!!!
This series of photos took by my professional dad at a restaurant at Paris. It's my first time went to Paris, I'm really so excited! But so sad I only go there for two days because of tours :(
Unlucky the first day we went there it's raining whole day I didn't have chance to take good shot with the eiffel tower and the tour guide keep rushing us to back to the bus, haih...
I swear I will go there myself next time to take more nice shot!!!!
I guess you all know that Paris is quite dangerous because there is a lot of pickpocket there and it's super professional, so if you going there please take care your belongings :)

Paris = Fashion city, so decided to wear more classy and edgy that day LOLLL
I saw a lot of fashionista there, their outfit it's so niceeeeeeeeeeeee, JEALOUS :/
You can see a lot of branded store there like CHANEL, LV, PRADA, VALENTINO, BALENCIAGA, GIVENCHY and etc.
I'm not rich so I just window shopping there and I was like "woah so nice leh! *telling my dad*, but no money, just forget about it emo" HAAHAHAHA
Imagine if I stay at Paris for one week I think I need to buy like 10 memory card HAAHAHAHA
Today post end here, I have to do my homework now! Hope you guys enjoy reading! BYE!