Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hey yo! I'm free now and found a new idea for next post :D
DIY Nail art post for today :)
Just now watched TV at house and I saw a Korean channel (Star King) I think kpop fans will know,
they doing a tutorial for a simple pictures nail art...
It's quite simple and creative so I decided to blog about it :)
I think is a good news for Kpop fans girl, if boy want to do it also can but will look abit gay, HAHAH , you guys can put on your favourite group or idol on your nails.
This nail art just need 5 simple steps to make it :

  1. Find or choose a picture you want to put on your nails from newspaper magazine (epop,etc) and cut it down, make sure the size can gam gam put on your nail don't too big and too small .
  2. Using a Nail Top Coat, paint it on the picture that you just cut it down twice, so that for the next step your picture not easy to spoiled it.
  3. So, for the next step, prepare a cup warm water and put your picture on it (40sec - 1 min), while waiting, paint your nails.
  4. Take out the picture and use a ruler (corner) make sure not so sharp to scrape behind the picture ( don't too hard ) this step is to scrape off the paper, so that when you paste on the picture on your nail won't look too thick.
  5. Last, put a top coat on your nail and paste it the picture on it. And again put on the top coat for the ending step. Done!
Quite easy right?? 

I just done two sample for you readers, a lil bit weird but hope you all will like it :)
Any question for this tutorial you can comment under the post or the comment box, I will reply you ASAP :D

Enjoy and stay tuned!
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Love, Joanne
 #5 Jessica @ SNSD


Random selca for the end :D
Done by Joanne

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hello readers, outfit post again! yay!
Updated recently because this few days I'll be very busy no time and no idea to update,
So,just a simple short outfit post to you all dear readers, hope you will like it :D
This outfit post is a Simple Vintage look I don't know what should I called,loll  focus on my red items :P
And thanks for some reader's comment and compliment, really appreciated it :')
I will bring more fabulous and nicer post to you readers soon!
Let the photo do the talk now :P
p/s: Another pro photographer--> Chermaine Wu

 Photograph venue : outside my house's street
My purple hair(Necklace from Forever 21)
(Singlet from Cotton On, Studed Skirt from SW, Bag from Carlo Rino)
(Hat from One U, Shoes from SW)

 Weird face, HAHAH

 HAHAHAHA, I love it this emotion!

 Enjoy and stay tuned!
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Love, Joanne

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Whatsup everyone? Those who got read my latest post should knew that I will update a new outfit post right?
Continue to previous post, Studs and Spikes part 2! :)
This post is an outfit post, so it's just a short post today :D
I bought a lot of studs and spikes stuff during this holidays, I love this studs fashion so much!
So in order to buy all those studs stuff, I think not I think is i'm already bankrupt, lol  I'm gonna bankrupt :(
I think for those who also bought studs stuff will knew that the price isn't cheap,
So I decided to buy from online shop will more cheap, now I'm waiting my parcel reach my home,hie hie hie :P
I bought some extra also, if anyone interest with it I will sell it too :D
p/s: my pro photographer--> My dad (y)
Venue: Outside my house's road, loll
Oh yah! Those who want or asked about the studs and spikes embellishment, I will reply your message after Nov 25 because these days i'm quite busy, will reply you all ASAP♥
Until here, let the photos do the talk :))
*Focus on my hair ♥
Spikes bracelet from Diva@ One U
OOTD (Long sleeve, pant and short(DIY short) all from SW, and bracelet from Diva@ One U)

 erm, my face look abit zZzz

 HAHAH, I think someone will know whose post is this :P

 Love this two photo so much (y)

 Sorry for my failed acting to be cool and emo :/

Funny selca at the last HAHA 
This few week I will post some outfit post because bought a lot of nice outfit :)
Enjoy and stay tuned!
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Love, Joanne