Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hey yo! Today wanna blog about my new in closet :)
I bought it from H&M for a long time ago,
I think there should be a month :/, I forget to blog about it, loll
Just a short outfit post, so let the picture do the talk :)
Stay tuned for more, enjoy!!
 Photograph by my dad
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 RAINBOW dress, love it so much ♥.

 Rainbow floral tight skirt

Black and white tight skirt 
Red wine colour skirt

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yesterday went to support my sister Yen Wong, 
she take part in a singing competition and she got in to the final!
We reached there earlier and she start her rehearsel,
could see that she very nervous on the stage...
The show start at 8.30 pm, 
8 of Malaysian singer performed on the stage, nice show!
I saw my dancing teacher at there too, she was a dancer last night, BRAVO! 
She so pretty ♥ . 
after this singing competition start, she was the first who sang on the stage,
she sang " A Moment Like This" for this competition,
She sang so well, OMGOSH!
She got the third prize in this competition, but We all so proud of her!
Sis, although you didn't got the first prize in this competition, but you're the champion in our heart!
We will support you always!
So, enjoy all those photo!
Mum scolding,lol. . .
Bye, Stay tuned!

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 Best Friend
 Rehearsel-ing :)

 Yen and her teacher
 NERVOUS on her face :\


 陈珂冰 & 王明丽 

 8 of the singers!

 Stephanie, one of the competitiors 

 The champion guy





 Spot the girl at the back 
 This dancer very yeng ♥.
 Oppa Gangnam Style :D

 李桀汗, look his face, imba :O

All shots of Vivian June, my dancing teacher 

 Love you 
Her supporter, sorry because of blur :(