Monday, October 15, 2012

Lee Hyun Woo Fans meeting!♥

New post here! Sorry for late update :(
So, yesterday I went to Sungei Wang to meet Lee Hyun Woo a korean famous actor,
who stars in 'To The Beautiful You", has embarked on his pubibity tour to Southeast Asia in promotion of his popular new Korean drama now airing on Astro One HD .
Fans meeting 4pm start but I decided reached there aout 12:30pm because scared many ppl there 
and can't stand infront row to see him clearly...
but when I reached and saw a lot of fans already gathered at there, OMG!
Before he coming up to the stage the security guard decided to move the fence forward a bit,
but a lot of crazy fans kept pushing and somebody originally at the back kept purposely pushed to move forward, super selfish! 
We wait for 3 hours plus and finally he came out,
everyone scream like hell and kept pushing, omg! My whole body so pain :/
Cameras and handphone non stop flashing, can't see anyhting :o
Thanks to Lai Suan that borrow me her small stool so that I can take a lots of photo clearly! :))
Due to some people kept pushing cause us tired so we decided to go shopping for a rest,
Me and two friends walk to Sushi King that near by Sungei Wang for having our lunch,
I've been hungry for four hours plus, felt like gonna die :/
So happy that yesterday I met him and he is so CUTE and HANDSOME!
I'm gonna sick, need to take a rest, bye! :)
Here's the photo I've taken yesterday, enjoy!
(p/s: anyone who want to take original photo from me please inbox my FB, thanks :) )

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:) ♥.♥

 Look his face, omg so cute!! He was eating our traditional food, Satay!ngom!

 (Host, interpreter and Lee Hyun Woo)
How lucky they are, Jealous!!
He change his clothes when he going back, the only one photo I have took, blurr sory :(
 Full of cameras and smart phone (y)

 I stand on this small stool to take all this photos, so unbalance when they pushing me :o


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