Sunday, August 10, 2014

HELLO! Today going to introduce you guys Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedi Electric Foot File!
I think a lot of ppl would love to have a smooth and clean feet!
If you wear heels a lot or you do sport often, I guess your feet have a lot of dry and thick skin, it's so ugly right?!
 Don't worry!Scholl Velvet Smooth pedi electric can help you to solve this problem!
You can clean your feet at home easily, no need to waste your time and your money to go for a pedicurist once a month, yay! :D

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electric Foot File
Price : RM 129.90
You can buy it from or Pharmacy (ex: Guardian, Watsons, Caring)
For the refill, the price will be RM 49.90 per pack

 It's an electric foot file, you just have to put the micralumina file on your dry skin area and then turn the sliver sliver ring to the left! It's so easy right?! 

The micralumina roller file it's detachable, you can buy the refill and use it again! Press the eject  button on the left side of the device, then place a new roller by pressing in to pins on either side of the  roller head and insert it to the device. That's it! You can continue using it! :)
This device using 4 AA batteries, place it on the correct directions and screw it back the cover. Important: Do not use rechargeable batteries!
Let's see how's going on my feet! :D
Front view of my dry skin area
Side view of my dry skin area

Place the device on your sry skin area for 3-4 seconds at a time, the dust of your dry skin will coming out, so I suggest you guys who are using better put a piece of newspaper on the floor. After you've done, you can apply your body lotion on it! 
Warning : Use it only on dry (not wet) skin and do not use the device on anywhere else of the body. This device isn't a waterproof device, so don't submerge it in the water.
Before and After of mine! Let the photo do the talk! 
Say hi to my smooth and clean happy feet! HHEHEHEEH

It's a good new for you guys! There's a nationwide RM10 discount for the product will take effect on the 1st August 2014! Claim yours now!