Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Non stop shaopping this few days, hiak hiak!
Today hang out wif another pretty baby Vivian ,hohoho
We went to One U for preparing something(secret =P). . .
Because monday when in Zara saw many pretty clothes,
so today I when in again, gosh!
There were many pretty new stuff! argh! ! !
tried some dresses. . .
OMGosh! It is soooooooooooo nice! ! !
But the price more nice RM200++
I think i will buy it one day if the dress haven sold out,hehehe
Having 3 meals wif vivian ,keep on eat. . .
gonna become a fat girl, nooooooooo!
window shopping whole day, and just bought some bread -.-
hmmm. . .no idea to blog xD
bye,stay tuned!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Today wake up early in the morning,
so tired because last night watched drama until 2pm++
Went to Sunway Piramid with Chermaine & Nicole
for buying our dance competition's costume
we find it for many hours,
and discussing until going crazy,
go in the shop for few times, so paiseh xD
Tried a red long pains from ZARA, damn nice! !
at last we just bought the baseball jacket @ offline shop
quite expensive @.@
but we like it so much also, haha
wear it and will look like macam yes jiang, lan yeng xP
after buying costume we take a taxi and straight away to chermaine's house
change our cloths and tied our hair etc. . .
We wanted to save our money so we just walk to dance studio o.o
so farrrrrrr. . .
three sampat girls walk at the street
and keep talk the sound like sheep and act cute -.-(not include me xD)
Start practise from 5-7pm
and continue our dancing class. . .
tiring. . .
my leg so cham T.T
haizzzzzz. . .
so. . .tat's it! finish~
stay tuned! Dieing,hiek hiek!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Whee! ! !~ Camera with ma crazy sista! hiak!
So damn happy and funny!hahaha!
Take a lots of 38 photos,
and just have a rest.
Just finish de super stress exam week and now feel that i'm so free...
Nid to go for school 5 more days...
and 2 weeks holidays coming! ! Wohoo! !
But now is the problem tat...
How i'm going to spend this two weeks of holidays? ? ? ! !
Shopping?dancing?sleep whole day?watch drama?or etc? ?
Hope this 2 weeks holidays will be more activities coming soon :D
If not i think i will be bored whole day :(
But i think i can practise my dance competition's dance...
Oh no...tired!
Okay,its time to watch TV!
Sista forever! 
Bye!Leave some comment & stay tuned! :P
Here the pictures! !

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yey ! ! 12a.m now! ! !
Happy Birthday to ma
Best sista, Best friend, Best supporter-->Vivian Onn!
                                    p/s: Found a old picha from my DSLR,damn nice!!love it!
Happy sweet sixteen ya!
We know each other when we were standard 4,
Until now,
We were form 4!
7 years of friendship!!OMG!
No one can replace you in my heart =)
I'm so glad to meet u,ma sista!
Hope our friendship can continue be longer than this 7 years!
Thanks for your support when I was sad or difficulties,
& Thanks all that u have done for me! ! !
I really really appreciate it! ! !
Hope u be happy always and found your Mr.Right asap!hehe
Love you, muacksssss! ! ! ! ! ! ! !  
Here's our memory...
p/s: er...some picture I look so weird...-.-


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tdy after finished society straight rush to studio attend dancing class... tired...>.<
luckily didn't have muscle training class...huhuhu
dance with crazy friend for 1 hour, can't stop the music down=P
after dance class, Chermaine and Nicole come my house swimming
OMG!Dancing in the swimming pool in the late night,hahaha
took lots of 38 photos,imbaaa :D
And we created a new crew name,heheh
["C" r a "J" i "N" e s s]
Here's the photos,wulala

 tired,bye...wheee!!! =)