Sunday, April 29, 2012

OMG! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Just now I went to searched Jayesslee page in facebook,
then I saw a notice,

OMG!!!Jayesslee coming Malaysia June 23rd ! ! !
Damn happy when I saw tat! ! ! !
Jayesslee is my favourite YOUTUBE STAR,
Their songs cover so damn nice,
beautiful Janice,adorable Sonia!
Angel voice!
(agree with it??)
Love them so much ! ! !
They gonna release their 1st album soon ! !
I swear i will buy it!! !
Jayesslee will be in my heart forever!yeep!
June 23rd ♥ Jayesslee Concert@Malaysia I'm coming ! ! !
Wohoo! ! !
(my god so many! ! ! ...-.-)
p/s: Hope to find someone accompany with me to watch  Jayesslee Concert! Anyone??=P

Yey!! I'm back!
Blog reborn!
I have no blogging for a long time since last year,
sooo here I am!!!
And now,
I will write it down all my memories in 2012,
and share all my pictures or video and etc.
Give some comment and hope you all enjoy it!
Don't forget to follow me!:D
Stay tuned!!