Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Europe Trip | Switzerland Zürich Part 1 |

Hello! Today I've blog about my Europe trip! The first country I went that's SWITZERLAND!
After 14 hours super long flight finally we've reached Zurich the city of Switzerland in the morning.
I almost slept 10 hours and I just wake up when my supper and breakfast served HHAHAA
Switzerland is a super clean country and it's top 10 of the world that is the most suitable for human to live in, actually in my opinion it's kinda like a bigger Singapore, clean and high quality life!

The weather here is sosososo nice, I really miss there now, it's sunny day but the weather it's cold (like genting), I LOVE IT!!! It will be nice if could have this kind of weather in Malaysia,haih...
Our tour guide brought us to this beautiful place to have a break and take some pictures. Because we're following tour so we've not enough time to take our time and relax, keep rushing taking pictures and buy somethings to eat. My mum decided to buy some bread to eat first because after we touched down Switzerland we didn't take any proper breakfast yet and the bread it's just so expensive IF we convert to RM, I can buy almost 4 or 5 bread in Malaysia LOLL...

This place it's so BEAUTIFUL, there's a huge park that surrounded with a lot of trees and flowers, good view good weather good air, everything it's just perfect there!
After a short break, we went to university district ,resident areas and views of the Alps 
There's so many beautiful streets you can take photos there, my dad is almost going crazy because I keep on asking him to help me take photo HAHAH sorry dad, we already paid for the expensive air ticket and a long flight to here so we should use it right?! Don't waste the money! #girlsbeinggirls
First day it's just a short tour because everyone is tired after long flight, so after taking our Chinese style lunch we back to our hotel in Zurich to have a good rest!
I'm so happy with our hotel it's so clean and big, thanks to Reliance always bring us the best!
Zurich part 2 will be continue at the next post, stay tuned!
If you haven't watch my new Europe trip vlog, you can watch it below!


Hope you guys enjoy reading it! See ya!

All photograph by MY DAD (Canon 50D)


 It's a fake dog LOLL
Zurich University

 had our lunch here! Chinese cuisine! yay!


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