Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DIY wire accessories

Aloha! I'm back!
Today, I'm showing you guys a handmade accessories by myself.
I learned it from youtube, you can try it if you want, it's just a simple steps :)
I knew this DIY wire accessories for a long time from Instagram, but no time to do it because just start school :D
Finally I've time to do it and I just want to share it to you guys it's a cheap and simple DIY 
I found the tutorial video and picture from youtube and google, so I didn't do a tutorial for this DIY
Here's the video and picture, you can follow it and do it yourself :)

Not only follow their design, you also can create or design your own design, but remember to draw what you want to do on a paper before you start do it :)
p/s: I bought the wire from a accessories shop at One Utama, near sticky there, shop name: bead box :)
Tadahhh!! This is mine, nice?? :D 
Things you've to prepare:

 you can buy it from bead box @One Utama

extra small size 

 You also can make it for your girlfriend as valentine's gift, I think she will like it :)

 Hope you guys will enjoy it :)

Enjoy and stay tuned!
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thankiew :)

p/s: outfit post for the next! stay tuned! :D


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