Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Vintage, cool & casual


Wearing: H&M black long tee, TS short, Forever 21 Boots, accessories from thailand, vintage spec from SW, plaid shirt from Brands Outlet

photograph by Guan Yuan

Last sunday photoshoot with Guan Yuan, just a simple outfit, look like quite casual cool and vintage.
Actually this is my first time trying a 'REAL' photoshoot, because all of my outfit post is my parents and friends help me to take, lollll!
So happy I finally can have a photoshoot that is take by a professional photographer :D
He use two vintage camera for this photoshooting, it's an old vintage polaroid (MAMIYA)
It's so nice and look different with a normal polaroid.
I want it! but it is so expensive, if i buy it sure my dad will kill me into ten pieces :/
So sorry to him because I don't know what happened to me suddenly don't know how to pose when he is taking photo of me wtf -.- and waste his time :/
Thanks to him for taking so many nice photo and teach me a lot of thing about taking photo and camera :D Thankiew~
Okay! That's it for today! bobye!
will post up some film photo asap :D

Hope you guys will enjoy it :)

Enjoy and stay tuned!
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thankiew :)

p/s: Next post will be a new diy tutorial stay tuned!*wink*