Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thailand the shopping paradise part 1

Yo peeps! I guess you guys that who got followed me on instagram knew that I'm back from Thailand right?
And I promise will blog about this so here it is!
I went for four days three nights in Thailand Bangkok, and I think is not enuf me to shop for just only three days :/
So, now start with a funny story about my dad...
Is been long time didn't went to Thailand since I'm standard 3, so we decided to went to Thailand Bangkok because that season got a promotion for going to Thailand, and my dad quickly booked the ticket from airasia...
The funny thing is he booked 21 december 2012, I think most of you know this day is doomsday.
I told him that day we going to Thailand is doomsday, then he was like shocked look at me, then another day he told me he want to cancel this trip, I was like thinking wth?! are you serious? it just ppl simply say what -.-, I just sit at the sofa and just speechless when he told me that.
but luckily he changed his mind so at the end we still going lah :D yay!

Day 1
wake up early and when to airport LCCT for 11.45a.m flight... We reached thailand airport almost 2p.m then we straight take taxi to our hotel.
oh yah, a something funny happened when i'm boarding, a security police stop me and he piont at my pink beanie and he asked" awak itu tajam arh?" then I was like "har??!!" then I put my hand on my beanie ear then the police "owh hahahah", everyone laughing when he asked this BAHAHHA
 Christmas present! yaay!
 When I was bored I will do something brainless just like this! loll -.-
 Boarding time! My passport cover so ugly my mum still day this one good de ar =3=
 dad look like tourguide BAHAH
 spot my beanie 
 This cute lil girl keep turn back and shake hand with us, so freakin cute lah! Her eyelashes so long and curl same like her father, envy :D

The taxi station so many ppl there and a lots of colourful taxi there, nice~
Our hotel soooooooo nice!! My cousin booked for us and it's new hotel, thankiew! I guess some of you will scare to live in Thailand hotel because got many "Good Friend" right?! hahaha same as me :D luckily our hotel is new :)
When I walked in our room, and I just like a kampung girl didn't stay before hotel like that, keep say woah so big wah so nice wah wah wah wah wtf -.-
But it's really big and comfy lah, and this hotel is so thoughtful, they prepared a set of hair dryer include the cover for drying curls hair, thumbs up! Not only this, they also prepared some stationery and a high-tech alarm still can charge Iphone weih!! geng!
Opps, I forgot to tell you guys the hotel name, it's a new hotel name Glow Pratunam Hotel :)
hotel lobby with mum, my face look tired :/ hair messy like hell

First thing I reached hotel is online bahaahaha! look my mum -.-

 Swimming pool!
 wifi password


 saw me?!

view from our room
giving some suggest lah, if you going Thailand Bangkok for shopping only, 
I suggest you can book this hotel because it's near the most big wholesale fashion mall, you just need to walked there it takes about 5-10 mins. 
This hotel was build on a shopping mall, so if you very bored you also can go there shop or walk walk, there also got McDonal and Starbucks yay!
And it's included breakfast and it's so freakin nice and clean, you can enjoy there and at the same time can enjoy the view, quite nice :D
still got! got gym and swimming pool! you can keep fit so won't scare eat too much will fat BAHAAH
Just a lil bit not so good is you need to take two times of lift to your room because built on shopping mall mah, and the rest is all good la! I give 5 star for the hotel (y)
Okay, after all this intro and suggest we continue lah :D
We take a shower and packing our things at hotel then we walked to a small restaurant near our hotel to take our lunch.
you just need to walked out from the hotel then turn right keep walk until 7evelen, the restaurant just beside 7 eleven.
the boss is a women, she can talk chinese :)
their food is clean and tasty, won't too expensive, you can try it if you live near there :D
 level 16 and OOTD


after having our lunch, we take taxi to jetty for going Asiatique by stuttleboat.
Another intro for Asiatique, it's a new build shopping and relax place and you can take a shuttle boat to reach there or take a taxi, but I suggest you take a shuttleboat lah because it's free for sitting and you also can enjoy nice view there :)
Reached there and I saw a lot of ppl there OMG! everyone was busying taking photo, because there is super fuckin pretty lahhh!! Look like you're at foreign country I like it so much!
First thing to do is take out camera and take photo hahah #girlsbeinggirls 
then go and walk walk and shop shop there, a lot of different kind of shop there got japanese got korean...what also got, walked until my leg pain like hell and it's just the first day die99 :/
Finished shopping we take our dinner there too, originally we wanted to eat a famous steamboat there but there's is too many ppl and we're imba hungry ady, so we change to another restaurant name yam sap, name abit weird like hamsap hahahah xD, their food is quite nice :)
So that's it for day 1!
p/s: remember to take a map because it's too big :D

 Credit to Jasmine Leong my cousin sis to take this 
 Selca with her
 Nice view


 Love this hop so much all things they sell so kawaii, pink pink

 his buddies!! BAHAHA
 Love this two picture so much! hahah my dad like a boss! lim eh ga lu gong!
 Copping on my passport! so fun, you can collect each cop from different place, just follow the map :) collect the passport near the cop stand!

 chu chu chu!!~ 50 sens per ride come come come!! lolll

 This is my dad! like a child

 night view
 Yam Sup restaurant

 all ordered fried, omg!fat die larh! :/

 Mail box
 fish spa, I didn't try it at there cause no time :(
 Second one! whee!!
 Love this two boss so much!! they so friendly and they helped me to done this cute tee, kabunkab :D
 yay! this tee just RM25, do it for yourself one if your going there :D
wear out then if anyone ask your name you just point your shirt BAHAHA

 Ferris Wheel
 a lots of beer place here! Next time I want to come with my friends here and chichat drink beer so relax leh!
 Look this cute decoration 

 Selca of the day!

I will separate Thailand trip to two post because is too much photo and idea :D

So that's it for today post!
Hope you guys will enjoy it :)

Enjoy and stay tuned for part 2!!!!
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