Sunday, December 9, 2012


Hey readers! I guess you guys knew that I went to Isetan KLCC for support Cheesie and Audrey's new Japan fashion brand (Foruchizu) right?
A short introduce :
Foruchizu is a new japan fashion brand that created by Malaysia fashion blogger Cheesie and Audrey :)
So, I saw an advertisement of the Love Tokyo event at Isetan KLCC last time, and I decided to join Dec 8 & 9, because I'm Cheesie and Audrey's readers 
and I'm going to support their new brand too:D
Yesterday went for the first event of Foruchizu, watched a perfect Tokyo fashion show
A lot of people were there and I think most of the ppl that came was to support Cheesie and Audrey
when they came out for catwalk a lots of their fans include me claps for them:D
After fashion show, a lot of their readers take photo with them,include me hehehe :D
I also bought one piece of long sleeve shirt, love the collar and the lace on the sleeve 
Yesterday have a 20% promotion for every Tokyo fashion brand,
So I bought one piece of them and China Glaze was giving a free manicure service for everyone who purchase Tokyo fashion items on that day yayy!
I've choose a breast cancer series a glitter light pink for my manicure, love it so much!
And I met their manager there, she is so friendly and cute HAHAHA
thanks to her for helping me took photo because I went there alone no one help me to take :D
Nice to meet you! click in here for more news and events of China Glaze Malaysia :D         

 Malaysia China Glaze manager, she is so friendly and cute, HAHAH Nice to meet you :D
 Foruchizu's shop 

 Foruchizu :

 Another brands :

# Take 1
 # Take 2
 # Take 3

 Met a pretty reader stephanie , she is so pretty and tall @.@
Photo with them, happy girl :D

Next day event!It's today! Meet and greet Cheesie and Audrey!
Went to same place again, and I went there earlier because the first 20 bought their 2 items and get a poloroid photo + sign from them and a mystery gift, 
and also can join their lucky draw!
I think I'm the first one who bought their items today :o
then I having my brunch there with my dad and walk walk at there while waiting their event start :D
Finally it's 2pm! Photo session with them :D
I give them each a handmade art clay by me, a cheese for Cheesie and a WTF bracelet dunno what to do for her and she always like to put many of WTF so I think she will like it BAHAA for Audrey :)
Audrey laugh when she open the present BAHAAH :D and she saw me wearing yesterday she wore on fashion show that clothes and she said "I love your tops" HAHAHA 
She is so cute :D
hope they will like it bah 
3pm only announce the winner, while I'm waiting for the lucky draw results and I keep walk around in Isetan, OMG super bored and I'm alone :(
the time past so slow, walk the same place again and again, urghhhh!!!
some promoter keep watching me walk at the same place, so embarrassing lorh...
but nvm larh, at the end I'm one of the lucky draw winner, yeahhhh!
get a black long sleeve shirt from Foruchizu, thankiew!!
And also I get a cat ear hairband for the mystery gift wulalala :DD
Bought a gold knitted long sleeve from Foruchizu, So nice! Look like a guai guai lui BAHAHA!
Felt tired and out there was raining heavy so I decided to back home earlier :)
Dad is calling me now I've to go!
Enjoy and stay tuned!
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Photo time! tadahhh! 
lucky draw :D


 Early Christmas gift for them
Photo with my gift :D
Audrey's WTF bracelet lolll wtf
 Cheesie's Cheeseeeeee
gan jiong gan jiong! BAHAHA
 Mystery gift (Hairband) and lucky draw's gift (black long sleeve clothes)
 One more! :)
 Group photo of the winners
 Love this hairband so much! I want to buy it last time, luckily I didn't buy it BAHAHAA
#Full body coordinate 
 tops : Foruchizu  Shoe : OU  Hairband : Foruchizu  Bag: Korea  Skirt : Forever 21
 Bought this today!
 new earing!
 Selca of the day :)

 So that's it for today post!
Visit Isetan KLCC to get some Foruchizu's items for yourself too :)
Hope you guys will enjoy it :)

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