Sunday, June 2, 2013


Hello dear readers! This week holiday for me is just so busy, no time for me to blog and rest, every day going out with friends, OMG, finally today I'm free to blog, yay!
Few days ago I received my parcel from Pinkday_closet that I bought it last two weeks ago,
I'm so happy when I've chance to sign and collect the parcel from posman because always no one at house and the parcel can't pass through to us and I've to ask my dad bring me to pos office collect it :(
I received two jersey T but today I just show you the first jersey photo first because I've no time to take photo :/
oh yahh, I want to share something horrible that I experienced yesterday with you guys. I went to genting with Chermaine, when Chermaine was on the phone with her bf suddenly four little children ran infront us all of a sudden, OMG I got scared that time I tot anything happened, that four children asked us to borrow them our phone to call their parents in a rude way, and a girl came and told me that her parents from 7am at casino until now they very hungry want to call their parents, at first Chermaine want to lend them her phone but I stopped her because I felt that something was not right because I saw there's someone else talking on the phone also but they didn't borrow from her then I just realize that they are conman(老千) because that girl using a old version phone but Chermaine using Iphone 5 and that four children doesn't look like they're very hungry. If you're really want to borrow something from someone you should ask in a polite way right? but they so f*kin rude while talking to us eg:"you using phone ar?!" "borrow me your phone" "let you talk finished first", wtf! Eventhough you're really not conman(老千) I also won't lend you. We're so worry that they are not then they're really pity.I told everything to my bf when I got home, he said to me this case has been shared on FB, wtf but I didn't anything about it :/
So if you're same as me didn't know this news,please share it outto your friends and be more careful if you're going to genting, don't be cheated :)
Luckily yesterday we didn't been cheated hehehe if not another Iphone 5 will lost again :(
It's time to let the photos do the talk :D
Kpop style for today hope you will like it and thanks to Nicole took this amazing shoot :)
I have to cook my dinner now, bye!

| wearing: studded hat from Kenaga wholesale shopping mall, Jersey T from Pinkday_closet, Bracelet from Forever21, Sneakers from Agape boutique |

Enjoy and stay tuned!
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