Sunday, June 9, 2013

KakaoTalk Press Conference

Anyeonghaseyo! Today I'm gonna blog about an new app that is from Korea so I say anyeonghaseyo to greet you guys :P
04 June 2013, I was invited to Kakao Talk's Press Conference at Time Square Hotel, before I started to blog I guess some of you guys don't know what is Kakaotalk yet so I'm going to introduce you this new app, except BigBang fans I guess :D

KakaoTalk is a free mobile messenger, it's available for iOS, Android, Windows Phones, Blackberry and Bada, so don't worry you can download it now!
And I think BigBang fans sure will download this app because they have BigBang stickers and it's free!

I think I've to use my phone to show you guys hehehe
this is the app logo so yellow, bananababanana HAHAHA

this is your friend list

 My profile, add me! :D

What's the different between KakaoTalk and others messender apps:

KakaoTalk Plus friend:
If you're Kpop Fans you should download KakaoTalk because you can add your favourite Kpop star in KakaoTalk!

Group Chat:
I don't know the other apps can invite how many ppl into a group chat but KakaoTalk can invite 5000 ppl in a group chat! FIVE THOUSAND! omg when I heard the CFO told us that time everyone was like Walaoweih HAHAAHA If one day I'm too bored I think I can try to invite HAAHAH but I don't think so I've so many friends to invite lolllll

I've never seen before any app have this! Special right? See what I create :P

Baoer keep say herself very ugly so I create this and the result is........ CUTE!HAHAH

And another special one! You can create a schedule and you can on the reminder so you won't forget your dating or event, like me always forgot something BAHAAH
KakaoTalk have a lot of adorable stickers omg! They also have BIGBANG's stickers!!!! *scream* HAAHA I like the cute kitty stickers so much because it's too cute arghhhh :'D

Faster download now! palli (korean) :D

Wake up early because this event start at 10a.m, then Baoer came my house going to the event together
Reached there 9 something so early shopping centre also havent open yet and we decided to have our breakfast first scare later cannot tahan HAHAHA
We having our breakfast at Starbucks and chit-chat while waiting Jessica :)

We arrived there and start registration, they giving us each person a Yellowish goodie bag 
Saw a lot of staff wearing yellow T and some of them wearing so formal and I'm thinking omg we wear too over :/

This event is a press conference and also a signing ceremony, they giving us a speech and show us what is the different between KakaoTalk and others messenger apps

selca before event starts #girlbeinggirl

see! Baoer is so cuteeeeeeee! like a baby <3

Finally lunch time! 

HAHAHAAH see me and Jessica eat a lot! Baoer on diet so she eat a lil bit only :P

after the event we decided to shopping at Pavilion and try out the famous OMG! gas ice cream!
we tried the green tea flavour, it's quite nice and smooth 
but the price it's quite expensive for ME lah
this post I'm going to share out my first video and it's about OMG! ice cream
it's just a short video, hope you guys enjoy it :D
let the photos and video do the talk :D
Subscribe my channel too! :P
bye bye!

Enjoy and stay tuned!
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