Friday, June 28, 2013

[Sponsored post] IACT Creative Writing Workshop

Hello dear readers! I'm back!
Last Saturday I was invited to attend IACT College Creative Writing Workshop, thanks for invite!
If you're Chong Hwa's student sure you know that Saturday should go to school right? But I skipped hahaha, second time I skipped school, I hate this feeling :( Although I hate and lazy to go school, but skip school, I don't like this feeling because is like miss something happened at school :/
But a lot of event held at Saturday, OMG I duwan skip school leh :(
Actually I'm not going the workshop because I scared I'm alone, but luckily Jessica and Baoer also going, hehehe
Let start!

workshop started so early about 9:30 morning, I'm still so sleepy HAHAHA
this workshop is conducted by Mr. Nicholas Lee, Academic director of IACT College, this workshop aimed to introduce us creative writing
It's good for me because this year I'm going to face SPM, and this workshop can improve my english essay technique
Mr. Nicholas teach us some skill on writing, and he also gave us watched some video, I love the Paper Man video clip so much, so romantic~
He also asked us to give a self intro, and guess what? I said wrong words wtf -.-
I wanted to say describe but I dunno what happened to me I said subscribe, OMG! After I said subscribe my mind stop for few second 'oh no', I want to kill my self arghhhhhh!

Mr. Nicholas

Mr.Nicholas asked just to write down our story in five line, omg so hard leh, no ant idea to write -.-
He also ask us to form a group set up a charactor then write down story line, give another partner your story then draw it out the story and my partner is Baoer, so this is my drawing followed her story HAAHAH

Papaer Man I love this video clip so much!
 Here's the video,must watch it!

 With Mellisa

 With Lumi, her hair more purple now, love it so much

After the workshop, we've a chance to have a look their college, yeah! 
I love their photo studio so much, and also their library.
Photo time!

Our group photo, 五朵金花 LOLLL
 Recording Room


Love their rest room, so many colorful beanbag, relaxxxx

They have organize some awesome workshop! If you interested you can join!

They gave us a goodie bag, so see what is inside! 

 Pen drive
  Their pen so cute and creative right?

I have a lot of friend still don't know what to study or where to study for their college, I guess if you're same age with me you also face this problem right?
If you like creative but don't have any budget study oversea, you can choose to study at IACT College, it's the Creative Communication Specialist, IACT has over 35 years of experience in training and education.
For more information please log on to or search them on FB, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest or Instagram @IACTCollege

Enjoy and stay tuned!
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thankiew :)


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