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Hong Kong ♥ Dec 2013

Hey my dearest readers! Finally have some time to blog about my trip to Hong Kong! I'm just got back from Singapore, I went there for my future collage open day! It's awesome, will blog about it soon!
I knew that some of the readers are waiting for my travel post, so sorry for waiting so long :(
I collage all my photos because it's too much photos and I think nobody will like to read so long post right?
Today gonna blog about my trip to Hong Kong first, because my Taiwan trip photo no done yet :D
Let's Start!

So, when we discussing about this trip with my friends, we decided to go Hong Kong before go to Taiwan, because we wanted to celebrate Christmas at HK.
The reason why we want to celebrate Christmas at HK is because we heard some of my friends said that HK is more big celebration for Christmas and some of us also didn't went HK before.
We planned three days two night at Hong Kong and then transit to Taiwan, we went there by Cathay Flight, because it's more comfortable and safe :)

Hong Kong Day 1: Shop and Eat!

It's the first time fly to another country with my friends, it's a good experience and I've a chance to learn to be more independent :)
Went to airport early in the morning like about 6.30a.m, I can't sleep last night because I'm just too excited lolll
9 something we check in and ready to fly! Here we come HONG KONG!

 Reached Hong Kong International Airport! It's so classy and big! Love the christmas tree by Swakwoski so *shinny*! My friend Min Sheng bought us a bus ticket straight to our hotel ( Panda Hotel). And if you planning to go Hong Kong, must remember to buy a MRT card 八达通, you can bought it at airport it's a counter there,so you no need queue at MRT there to buy the card,  SAVE TIME! :P
 Everywhere also panda OMG! The price is quite reasonable for me and it's difficult to find a cheap hotel at HK. Here is the info of this hotel : INFORMATION

After we check in our hotel, we went to 深水步 for some shopping and eat. At the first time when I reached, I tot i was at chi chiong gai in KL lollll, it's look alike! We tried some different food and it's so delicious, espiecially the 鸡蛋糕, omg so crispy and it's so much easier for us to eat while we walking. As you see above the photo the ice cream car, the weather there is cold, we still eat ice cream lolll, but it's taste so milky, soft and also cheap!
My friend Min Sheng recommended us to try their wan tan mee, it's really taste so much different in Malaysia!
There also have a lot of street performers there, as you see above the photo the magician, actually I know how he did it HAHAHA
I think most of girls will crazy at here because it's so many cosmetic shop there espiecially the most famous shop SASA, but I didn't bought it there because I heard my friends and cousin that back from HK said that Taiwan is much more cheaper so I didn't buy it I scare I will regret and not enough money to spend :D
We meet up with Min Sheng's cousin that from HK, they bring us to a delicious restaurant and it's only HKians will know where it's loacated, we walked there about 15 mins long but it's really taste nice! 

They also bought us to the famous cookies shop at HK, it's nice but for me it's quite expensive lah so I didn't bought it, but if you interested to buy you can go google their location :)
We went to a shopping mall like Pavilion KL and it's full of Christmas decoration, I love the Disney Christmas tree so much, can I bring back to Msia? lollll...

outside the shopping mall have a beautiful view and it's so crowded there, but I love the Christmas atmosphere!
1881 Heritage, actually I'm not so sure what is this place but I guess it's a hotel? 
So high class there and we love the decoration for Christmas, everyone is queuing to take photo with the huge bell and angel
The different between me and Han xuan, cold like hell<  >hot like hell HAAHAH
End of the first day at Hong Kong!

Day 2 : Disneyland

Went to this Michelin stars Hong Kong breakfast restaurant that Min Sheng recommended to us for our breakfast! Every single dim sum is super duper nice! we ordered so many and it's not enough for us to eat, you can try it if you going HK and you have to go there earlier if not you have to wait 

Love this two shots by me, love the sunshine effect, no edit

After having our yummy breakfast, we heading to Hong Kong DisneyLand!!!!!!!!
Super excited! Because it's my first time go to Disneyland :D

super in love with the decoration, everywhere also can saw mickey, like a dreamland! OMG
We though the castle is big, but actually it's so small lolll, look at the magician so cute hahahaa
 Love this shot by Shera
Our group Leng Zai lollll, they ask me to borrow them my sunglasses. They look so 'yeng' with my glasses HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH
Which one more 'yeng'  left or right ,lolllll

Disneyland is the best place for photoshoot, every place every corner, my camera gonna fulled memory

Queuing for the merry-go-round just for take photo HAHAA! Almost every adult queuing just for photo especially girl, you can see everyone using their phone non stop taking photo lolll
Enjoyed their show, it's awesome, the stage effect is so great!
Having our lunch there, their food is quite expensive but it's okay lah at least it's cute HAAHAHA

We purposely went Disneyland on the Christmas eve day because they will have the fake snow and decoration! I can't use words to describe how excite how happy I am! We didn't get to watch the fireworks because we have to rushed to another place for our Christmas dinner :(
Min Sheng help us to booked the Christmas dinner at Pizza Express, we enjoyed the dinner, chit chat at here, best memories ever!
after our Christmas Dinner, we went to Countdown Christmas. We don't know where to go so we just follow the crowd HAAHA but at the end we went wrongly, it's okay we still enjoy a lot and very happy!


Day 3 : Flying to Taiwan

I told Min Sheng to bring us to Hong Kong Cha chan shi to try out their breakfast, because heard many people said it's nice. I'm a person that dislike coffee but at here I super love their milk tea and yinyong so nice lehhhh...
This breakfast restaurant is quite famous at HK and it's near our hotel, walk there about 10 mins only you can try out if you come to HK
Flying to Taiwan! Stay tuned my next blog post and new video will be up soon!
Today I'm didn't blog it too long because I think you will be bored after reading so many words, so I make it simple and more photos for you guys to read it!

Bye, Love Jo&

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