Saturday, April 13, 2013

DIY Skeleton Tee

hey guys! I'm back to here! It's quite long time didn't update my blog
Today is a quick DIY for you guys :D

I guess somebody has already saw before I wore this Skeleton ribcage t-shirt if you have followed me only my Instagram
Some of my friend ask me where to buy this and here is my answer, it's done by me :D
It's a quite easy and cheap DIY
this t-shirt is easy to match, you can wear it with a simple short or match with a denim jacket also
And I match it with my DIY studs short( if you haven't read before you can read it here), whole set of outfit is done by me, hehe :P
So, let's start now!
  1. buy a boy T , then cut it the shoulder
  2. what you have to prepare : bleach, paint brush, a small bowl, ribcage picture, glove,pencil and a cardboard/ books
  3. follow the ribcage picture and draw on your t-shirt, you can print it the half ribcage picture, then you place it on one side of the t-shirt, draw a mirror picture on the other side, it's easier :)
  4. wear a pair of glove before you start to paint, use your paint brush and dip a little bit of bleach water, draw on the t-shirt, make sure before you paint it, put a books or a cardboard inside the shirt, this step is to make sure that the bleach water won't seep to behind
  5. actually the ribcage not paint all just paint the shadow of the rib cage, will look nicer and 3D, but I didn't watch the video clearly then I started to do it :/ , so will look a bit weird but still nice
  6. you can follow the video below and start to make it yourself a skeleton t-shirt :D
This is the picture that I used to draw on my shirt, the second picture is a new design for you if you think that the ribcage is too hard for you :)

print out this and follow step 3

(a small tips for you guys, download this picture, open your powerpoint and insert this picture and enlarge it, it will not so blurr, because if you using microsoft word it's hard to enlarge the size and it will look blurr :D)
Any questions or comment you can comment at the comment box on the right handside, or tweet me @jojoanneee96 :D
Remember to tag me if you have done :)

After you bleached, the part that you painted will become orange colour, and after it's completely dry it will look more darker ( just to inform you guys because I'm worried you will thought after bleached will become white colour , lollll)
look the photo below, the colour will look like this

What are you waiting for?! Start it now! 
Hope you know what I'm saying and enjoy! :D
here's the photo

Enjoy and stay tuned!
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thankiew :)


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