Saturday, March 1, 2014

Roost Repurposed & Recycled eco concept cafe @ Johor

Annyeong!Today gonna blog about a special cafe at Johor, Malaysia.
I'm not purposely went to Johor only for this cafe, is because I need to go Singapore attend Lasalle Collage arts of school open day and daddy decided to stay at Johor because the hotel is cheaper 
So I bring along my friend Yee Lian with us, so I've someone accompany me :)
I found this cafe from instagram and saw there interior design is so cool, so I decided to came here and have a look
Their location is quite hard to find because I'm not live in Johor, we don't know how to go just follow the waze :/ I think if you're live in Johor is easy for you :)
when I walk in this cafe, I'm so shocked because everything is made by recycle materials!
OMG! It's really cool man!
If you wanted to have a drink or a dessert and sit down chit chat with your friend, I think here is the best place for you.
I ordered a smoothie chocolate yogurt and a mixed fruit yogurt, my dad ordered a cup of coffee
Their yogurt is quite nice, it's quite similar with Tutti Fruitti 
Me and yee lian can't stop taking photo at here and my dad was like giving us this face -.-
he keep on ask us "sit down and eat first la, take so many photo for what?" HAHAHA
Okay, I'm going to leave! Let the photos do the talk!
Stay tuned!

Location: 14 Jalan Trus, 80000 Johor Bahru
Contact: 07-7267489
Facebook: RoostRepurposedRecycleSaladBar


a trolley chair, I hope I can bring back home because it's so cool HAHA

Old time tv and music player

 I like this picture so much HAHAHAAA


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